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About Me
About Me

A Moment's Worth Photography by Sarah-Marie


Thanks for purchasing my Crowdsavings deal! I’m Sarah-Marie, the owner of A Moment’s Worth Photography and first of all I’d like to say that we are going to have a lot of fun!
Below I've posted a Q & A section for you, and I’m including a few questions for you to answer as well. Please take the time to answer these so that I can better serve you. Email the answers to as soon as you can, so we can be in constant communication. I recommend booking your session within the first week after purchasing you coupon to make sure you get the date you'd like!

Questions for you to answer and send to me:

1) Best day of the week to shoot?
2) Specific date in mind?
3) Best time of day? (consider nap times for kids)
Hint: From the photographers’ standpoint, early morning before 11am or after 5pm is gorgeous this time of year! Plus it’s not as hot.
4) What kind of photographs (family, kids, engagement, musician, etc)?
5) Prefer outside or inside?
6) How many people in shoot?
7) What do you plan to use the photographs for?
8) When did you last get your pictures taken?
9) Do you have a specific location in mind or would you like help choosing?
10) Describe your idea of a perfect day (or date if these are couple pictures). Consider weather, place, time, smells, etc. This will help me get to know you.
11) Anything else I should know that would help me make this more fun for you
12) Phone and Email please!

Popular Q&A's
Q: Do you work alone?
A: Yes, I do. My awesome husband helps me with weddings and major Photoshop editing, but otherwise I do everything on my own. I recommend booking as early as possible to get the date you’d like!

Q: What is the best way to contact you?
A: Email first. With as many questions as I’ll be getting, and appointments being made, email will be the best way to schedule.

Q: Where are you located?
A: In Nashville, TN. My zip is 37211.

Q: Will you travel for a session?
A: For your deal, I’ll travel to anywhere within 15 miles of 37211. For infants and babies, your home is the best place to go, and for families, seniors, and engagements, parks are the best. I have my favorite places, and multiple shoots in one day ensure that everyone gets their turn, so if you don’t have a preference, let me know, and I’ll choose an awesome place so you won’t have to worry! If you’re worried about being outside my range, don’t! Email me and we’ll work something out.

Q: I see you include one 11x14 in this price. What if we want to buy more?
A: As a special addition to your deal, I’ll be including a client proofing website for you to share with family and friends. You’ll choose your 11x14 this way, and you can purchase any other print as well ($7-15). For a special price of $219 (usually $319), you can receive a full resolution DVD of all your photos for printing at your leisure.

Q. What is included on the DVD slideshow? And why does it say “up to” 25 pictures?
A. This is a great question. The DVD slideshow will have all your best photos set to music and beautifully arranged for you to share with your family and friends. You can even use it for those picture frames with digital photos! The only reason “up to” is specified is so that I don’t get glared at for including less than 25 if your beautiful baby boy cried the whole time and we only got 15 great shots! Basically, I’ll just choose the best ones, and if that means all 25, than great!

Q: I would like to use these for a modeling Portfolio. Is that okay?
A: Yes! If you purchase the full resolution DVD or individual digital prints ($23 each), the print rights are included. You may not use images for direct monetary gain (meaning selling your photos for money) or for publication without prior consent, but everything else is fine.

Q: We would like to use the coupon for Christmas card photos. Is that okay?
A: Definitely! Book early! We also offer Christmas cards.

Q: We would like to use this coupon to shoot a large family photo. We have three families’ we would like to combine into one group photo. Is this okay?
A: As long as each family purchases a separate coupon, then yes, we can combine all the sessions if you’d like.

Q: I see that this is advertised as a family deal, but can I use my deal for wedding photography too?
A: Yes, even though portraits are awesome, weddings are still my passion! You can use the coupon for the value it is worth ($171) toward your final payment.

Q: Will the image be edited?
A: Yes, any purchased print will be edited. So if you buy the DVD, the entire session will be edited.